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hey gurl. i'm like really into this whole sex thing right now, even though its 3 yrs ago i lost my virginity, but it took me a long time to realize im doin it for me and not for him. anyways, to see different things i thought porn would be a great thing but i really dont like this plastic bodys, having plastic sex without feelings or whatever. is there good stuff out there in cyberspace and how do i find it?
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well. to be honest im a bit embaressed about my porn taste. or like, i like a lot of stuff and im lazy so sometimes i just cant be bothered to try to find more interesting pron. but if u wanna give it a go and some time i’d say googeling “queer porn” is really great. anyone with any other tips or ideas about what to do please tell me and this person! thank u!

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  1. boothbitch said: read this interview w/ Erika Lust by Slutever -…
  2. fostermatten said: the crash pad project isn’t free, unfortunately, but for me it has been worth the money (there is a free trial too). some of it does more for me than other, but the diversity of it makes me happy in itself.
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