i am probably going to austin texas on sunday and i will stay for a little while. if i get the time, do anyone wanna hang out?

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  1. felt-u said: ahhhhhh so close but so far :(((( i love u
  2. storybookweaver said: if you stop by new orleans…
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    omg yes
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    erica! ^
  5. chelzillapeacock said: omg please, i would love to meet/shoot you. Erica (Joy) would probably die if she got to meet you, as well! message me or her if interested! it would be an honor :)
  6. helloannali said: come 2 ny
  7. continuallymoving said: if you can pass through Oklahoma!
  8. total8 said: TEXAS???!!?!!!!!?!!!!?!?!?!??!! v cvbbcbbvnnn
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