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Jul 21 14
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I made you a mixtape, since we’re friends now.


I made you a mixtape, since we’re friends now.
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why do black women feel the need to wear weave?
- Anonymous




idk maybe because of shit like this

or this



noticing a trend….

instead of asking “why black women feel the need to wear weaves” let’s ask “why black women have been made to feel that they need a weave in the first place”….

for centuries the standard of beauty has not been that of the black woman…(we all know who i’m talking about)  instead we have been pushed to ‘conform’ to those standards without any second thoughts…i mean “white is right”…right….

black women are the only group of people  who have been unmercifully criticized for the hair that grows naturally from their scalp…we have been told that our natural locs are “uncivilized’ “ugly’ undesirable’…that in order to be anywhere near beautiful we’ll have to rock straight european hair or permanently straighten our’s all psychological from years and years of conforming..sadly the ideas and stigmas still have an effect on black women of today… 

it’s sad that the number of us who have gone natural are looked up to as ‘being brave’ or ‘being a leader….the fact that black women even had to “go natural” shows how much we’ve fucked up and how society has brainwashed us into believing we are less than on the beauty scale because of something God blessed us with…

what’s even more saddening, is not only do black women have to deal with the ignorance of other races not understanding our hair, but we also have to deal with the comments of black men who have fallen into the “bash black hair’ trap….the cycle never ends…

Even though the stigma behind wearing a weave is thought to be fueled by self hatred, on the complete opposite side of the spectrum some women wear weaves to better their natural hair…the elements can be SO harsh on black hair and sometimes it just needs a break. wearing a weave helps maintain hair growth while protecting it from the weather for months at a time.

Also some black women just love to change up their looks every once in awhile and they do so by wearing a weave because it’s much easier than dying, growing, or cutting their natural hair…so let them have fun expressing themselves…

in my experience, i’ve had multiple white women strictly assume that black women wear weaves to “get like them” 


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this shit


Omg the last one

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The people who are getting offended bc you photograph minorities&the fact that you are white,cis female is sort of contradicting.What do they want?For everything to be segregated?Only poc can photograph poc and people with certain body types only photograph the same body type as themselves&straight people only photograph straight people?I don't think it matters who is taking the photos as long as they are portraying people respectfully&accurate.Which I think you do.Just my observation& opinions.
- Anonymous

i dont mind people questioning privilege though

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You're way far out of your tree, dear.... Chill the fuck out
- Anonymous

you are way patronizing. dear. 

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Would you consider me for modelling if I'm 16?
- Anonymous

probably not

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ah, yeah, like put a #asks tag on them! sorry, does that make sense?
- teddykitten

ooh idk how i do that?

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im gay and i do feel different from a lot of other people. so i guess i do feel queer.
- ontzettendzonde

well i fall for women at times but i still benefit from the priviliges of being cis.

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I hope you understand that queer has to do with gender/sexuality and it's not appropriate to just be like "oh im kinda different so i feel like queer"
- Anonymous

yeah ofc i know what queer is. but still, there is visibly queer bodies (like bodies that ppl can put into the gender binaries or when people feel they get a gender tied to them they cant relate to) that on a daily basis have to struggle with this. then there is ppl like me that, like. im a queer feminist. i date what ever gender of the person i fall in love with happens to have. but i wouldn’t say i on a daily basis feel discriminated because of my body.

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gender queer doesn't have a "look" but i imagine you mean people who dress specifically feminine or masculine, but may not be a cisfemale or cismale. also do you ever feel weird being a white woman focusing her art on minorities? like doesnt that seem a little creepy or fetishy? im sure you have good intentions and i dont mean to offend.
- Anonymous

it doesn’t have one look, it has a million looks. but say that i would feel gender queer. so i wouldn’t feel like a female. but i would dress the way i do, benefit from really looking like a cis female and have no feeling i would want to look differently (like if i would feel to scared of looking differently due to ideas of gender etc) then i think it’s a bit like, u know i would still benefit from so many priviliged from looking extremly cis etc etc etc.

when it comes to being a white woman etc. well ofc i think about it alot. i wouldnt say i am _focusing_ on minorities though. i try to portrait people the same regardless their bodies. in that way im trying to antifocus on it kind of. cuz i think every body is pretty and can fit into my aesthetics. and that’s just what i wish beauty to be, something where everyone can be.

but if i dont tell people that all bodies are welcome usually just the white thin young ones gets in touch w me cuz they are used to thinking they are objects of desire and should be in front of the camera. where other people think they would just get rejected.