Q: I just stumbled upon your blog and I just wanted to tell you that you are beautiful. I've noticed some people saying some pretty mean things and it made me really sad, I don't know you but I know you don't deserve hate.


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Q: honest question, have you ever thought of dyeing your under arm hair, or any hair other than the hair on your head? or do you know how someone could maybe go about that?

i’ve been told u should use the bleach u can get to bleach facial hair because otherwise it’s too strong! i’ve been thinking about it yes. might be fun sometime.

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Q: I saw that anon just out of the blue tell you that men are raped more often than women that was so irrelevant bc that doesn't justify raping women at all ugh smh

yeah ;(

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Q: hi arvida, i just wanted to thank you for being such an inspiration to me (and a lot of people) for being imperfect and confident about it. its really helped me lately as i've always been insecure especially about my acne and "childlike" body-- i think its cool you aren't conforming to society's idea of how girls should be:) xxx

crazy how two asks just after each other can be so different. loads of hugs bb (L)

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Q: I wanna jizz in your stanky arm hair and then spike it like my hair in 4th grade

ill file that under threat of sexual assault

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Q: hey so my girlfriend doesn't shave her armpits and she's still a person in my eyes is this weird

yeah u should kill her

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Q: shave your armpits you creature

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Q: Do you ever sell prints of yourself?

i could probably sell un signed ones really cheap! and then when it comes to signed ones etc idk ihk.

asked by the-new-real-pitprincess
Q: Could you please shave yourself?

could you please do what ever u please w ur body and please leave other people alone please

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